Sandra Luc


A slightly different real estate philosophy…

Sandra Luc doesn´t understand herself just as a „realtor“, like normally agents in the real estate branch are called. It is exactly opposite, she distances herself clearly from competitors, who think they can establish their business on the market out of a gut reaction and can deal just easily with real estate. Clients get from her funded advice and a transparent cooperation.

She has got exercised on highest professional level in the world of real estate and the according environment from the first day of her business lifetime onwards. Since December 2004 she runs in Eschweiler as managing director successfully her business SANREALTY – Ideen in Immobilien. Her outstanding services offer benefits like sale, renting, management, new building project planning, financing, abroad real estate, valuations, market analysis or competition analysis. Former experiences in freelance activities, from the beginning of 2003 on, confirmed her in the venture, to operate the global market professionally and to give clients reliable help in all property business affairs. Only this real estate philosophy generates honest business relations and adequate satisfied customers.

She was employed in a leading position in the real estate department of an important regional bank prior to that. This absolute new business segment of the bank at that time was built up importantly by her end of 1993. Her attention was turned mainly on to the renting division including all kinds of real estate. She made even her original commercial apprenticeship in a famous real estate company in Aachen during the time from 1990 until 1992. So she got during her professional education substantial basic knowledge in the property sector yet. The outcome of this is an expert knowledge of more than 25 years.

She holds a degree as Bachelor of Arts in Realty - Residential Trade and Industry (CCI), which she obtained by studies of real estate management at the Academy of Economy and Education in Cologne. Professional developments like „Evaluation of Residential- and Business Real Estate“ and many other seminars are absolutely self evident for her as a real estate professional. Attendances of international events like about conferences, exhibitions or symposia belong to her in the course of daily routine. Furthermore she is a decent member at the international real estate federation, FIABCI, located in Paris. Europe´s major real estate magazine, the trade journal BELLEVUE, awarded her, as one of only a few in number female winners worldwide and as the only woman in her overall region, with the international coveted seal of quality BEST PROPERTY AGENT already now the ninth year in series. She communicates in German, English and Croatian in word and script. Spanish will follow soon.

She has multifaceted interests in her short calculated leisure time, here complements again her profession for abroad real estate and the delight of travelling to the most beautiful destinations all over the world. The required energy for her intensive business she gets through different sporting exercises like mountain biking. Other passions like nice cars and yachts are all too in line with her concept. A good dinner in between a pleasant circle of people completes the activities. Everything even with style, like her procurement of real estate…